Put your phone down.

Life is too short to keep ourselves buried in our phones and technology.  I understand most of you are reading this post on your phones but my point is to encourage you to not let technology become a pillar in every aspect of your life.  My generation is arguably one of the worst at embracing this concept.  When we are bored we look at our phones.  When we want to avoid talking to someone…we look at our phones.  And the worst one yet, when we are with our friends and family…we look at our phones.

I’m not writing this post from a point of perfection on this matter either.  I spend my fair share of time occupied by my phone as well.  In fact, I have two phones now that I have a separate one for work.  But I am writing this post from a point of vulnerability.

The moment I made the conscious choice to put my phone down is when I began to realize how much more the world had to offer me.  I began to see the world in a way I had never seen before.  I began to notice how much value the world had to offer my life if I had just taken the time to soak it in.

Life is a choice.  We all only get one chance at it.  And everyday in that life is unique in the experiences and opportunities that it offers us – but we have to be willing to embrace them by being in the moment.  Life will pass you by if you let it.

When you spend time with your loved ones, spend time with your loved ones.  Put your phone down unless you have a valid reason to pick it up.  Just be there.  Every moment is a blessing.  Some of my greatest memories with my friends and family are in those moments where I had no idea where my phone was.

Live life like there is no tomorrow.

– Tim

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