“I’m OK” is enough at times.

We live in a world where the moment you tell someone “I’m OK” they stop in their tracks.  Most people automatically assume that “being OK” means something is wrong instead of the alternative.

What if being “OK” didn’t mean something was wrong at all.  What if that meant you had just overcome some significant obstacle in your life and were just recollecting yourself.  What if being “ok” was you still deciding where to go next.  Society makes us think that we always have to have our next move in life planned out like a chess game, but I’m here to tell you we don’t.  Sometime we are just happy to have put something behind us – and that is OK!

That may be when a semester of school ends or simply a long week at work.  We all have our own troubles in life and sometimes we just need a breather when we make it through.  Once Friday comes around sometimes we are just happy to have made it through the tough week.   Sometimes we just need a moment to gather our bearings before we take our next step forward!

If you know me – you know that I firmly believe that everyday you should challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday.  But in saying that, sometimes we need that moment to decide where we want to go next.  Sometimes we need to take a moment to breathe and look around, time to appreciate how far we have come.

The moments I look back on my past is when I realize how strong I am.  I realize how many obstacles seemed impossible when I faced them and now I stand on the other side, victorious.

Life moves too fast and it’s our job to try to keep up.  In order to keep up, we have to embrace the present moment.  You have to take the time to pat yourself on the back for how far you have come.  All the progress you have made and that you are still standing today.  If you are like me, you are still far from accomplishing all of your goals but today is one day closer than you were yesterday.

– Tim

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