What makes you one of a kind?

We live in a world were we often focus on what we don’t have, instead of what we do.  Regardless of how far we’ve come, we instinctually pursue something greater without appreciation for what got us to where we are.  We chase our role models and assume that to accomplish what they have – we must be the same.  When in fact, it’s not our similarities that make us great, it’s what makes us different that truly defines us.  It’s what makes us unique that separates us from the crowd.  It’s pushing ourselves to be the best we can be that challenges those around us to rise to a higher level.

Generations come and go and that leaves us two choices over the course of our lives.  We either follow the crowd in pursuit of the commonalities that safeguard us or we stand up break that mold to become a role model of our own.  We break through cast that society has laid for us in pursuit of who our heart tells us to be – and then some.  We build a legacy to hand down to the generations that follow, in pursuit of creating a revolving door of greatness.

Building a legacy starts from making yourself different from the person you were yesterday, THAN pursuing tomorrow’s you.

The only things more important than identifying where we want to go in life is understand how we are going to get there, and most importantly – the type of person we want to be when we accomplish our wildest dreams.  In order to do this, we have to build on the gifts God has given us.  We have to trust in the strength in which God has constructed our souls.

You don’t have time to question yourself.  Before you know it you’ll blink and life will have passed you by.  Start with baby steps by making today better than yesterday.  Turn those baby steps into bigger steps.  Those bigger steps into leaps and finally, those leaps into olympic strides in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Don’t hide in the shadows.  Give the world someone to chase.  Be you, and be a better you than you ever knew possible.

This word has a unique place for everyone of us.  Don’t let it pass you by when you can catch it in stride!


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