Why I search for adversity…

For the majority of my life I ran in the opposite direction of anything that would cause me resistance in my life.  Anytime I perceived a potential threat to my happiness or success, I turned and ran.  Then, the day came where I shipped off to basic training.  Needless to say, I found my fair share of adversity immediately.  More than I ever thought I could handle.  Suddenly, I felt myself break through thresholds I never imagined I would  EVER achieve.  In the face of adversity, I began to realize my true strength.  Before I knew it, I no longer ran from adversity.  I chased it.

I had become addicted to the feeling of overcoming the odds.  When I stood face to face with adversity, I quickly realized I was much stronger than I gave myself credit for.  More importantly, I instinctively began to pour my heart and soul in everything I did because I was in survival mode.  How often in your life have you told yourself what your capable of before you even tried?  As usual, I am not here to claim some profound wisdom – but I do hope that you will consider a similar approach for yourself.  See, when I began chasing adversity in my life it was because I realized that every time I overcame an obstacle I became stronger.  Every time I faced these obstacles head on I grew in way I never thought possible.

In life, we assume that if we find a way around an obstacle then we have saved ourself trouble.  We assume that if we avoid the hardships, we have succeeded – when in fact we have lost n the worst of ways.  I will be the first to admit that there have been countless obstacles in my life that have knocked me to my knees and would have kept me there permanently if I let it.  Each time I am knocked down, I will stand up stronger.  Each time I fall short, I will get up and take a bigger leap forward.  Why?  Because life is to short to wonder what you are capable of – and in your weakest moments turn to the people who rely on your for strength.

It is amazing how just when you think you have given life all you have, you find a hidden strength in the deepest depths of your soul.  That strength is for the ones who rely on you.  That strength is to get you through your darkest times.  My life has rarely ever gone according to my plan but I can assure you I will always control my own fate.  When I get knocked down I will always get back up because you can’t beat someone who doesn’t quit.


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