Start living your life like there is no tomorrow…

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A YOLO (you only live once) post.

However, what I want you to to consider is a mindset I embraced while in the military. I never went to combat, but from the day I left for the Army I embraced the fact that any day could be my last. I was at peace with the possibility that I may never come home, but I refused to spend any day chasing anything less than 150% of my potential and that is what I beg you to do.

I have lost some of my closest friends before they hit 30 and as crushing as that was to lose them – they continue to guide me with life lessons to this very day. We don’t have time to wait until tomorrow to make mold our dreams into reality.

In embracing that any day truly could be my last, I have accomplished more than I ever imagined. I’m not asking you to live your life in fear, bu rather to live your life fearless. By living my life with the understanding that God may call me home at any point, I have erased my fear of failure and replaced that with a fear of never trying.

Not everyone reading this may agree with me, and that’s ok – but I would rather fall flat on my face chasing my wildest dreams than sitting back and watching the world pass me by.

Just do it. Whatever your heart tells you to do…do it. Don’t wait until tomorrow because it may never come. Live your life with everything your heart has to offer without the fear of failure. Live everyday like it may be your last and you will be amazed at everything you accomplish – and most importantly: as you begin to accomplish your wildest dreams, don’t forget the people who helped you get there.

– Tim

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