Dear Chris

Dear Chris,

I miss you today buddy.

I was thinking of you today and sent your mom a message.  She is doing well man and I hope to see her soon.  I was just reflecting back to the discussions you and I used to share.  Discussions that I will carry with me forever.  What amazes me the most about todays world is that all people do is rush to judgements based on the differences they see between each other on the outside.  Well my friend, you and I don’t exactly look like twins…but that doesn’t mean were aren’t brothers.

However, when it comes to what really matters – on the inside – we are identical.  Why is it that people are so quick to judge others on what the eye first sees instead of letting the judgements be made on the pillars of ones heart?  I mean hell, even the lives we lived prior to the military were nearly the exact opposite except for one major similarity.  We both signed the same dotted line.  We both swore the same oath.  We both left home to show the ones we loved that we could be counted on, and we both left home in sacrifice for our country.

Chris you changed the way I see the world.  You changed the way I live my life, and most importantly you changed the way I judge people.  If I were to judge you the first day we met, we may have never became friends, and I can assure you that if that were the case…there is no way in hell I would be the man I am today.

I pray that the world will begin to see people for who they truly are and what is in their hearts and not for the color of their skin, their gender, or whatever else they identify as.  God put all of us on this earth for a specific purpose, and as individuals we are worthless but unified together the world is at our fingertips…


Rest easy brother,

NataleVisiting Chris

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