Happy Birthday Papi

Dear Papi,

Happy Birthday!

It is amazing to me that the simple thought of you brings an amount of joy to my day that is indescribable.  All I could think about all day is your incredible smile and the joy your brought this world.  Talking to you on the phone everyday for even two minutes, are some of my greatest memories.  As a sat back today reflecting on our memories, I thought about how blessed I have been to have had you in my life for as long as I did.  Something hit me though, and it came with perfect timing.  When I called Nani this morning, I thought back to the days when I used to just sit back and smile at the way you loved her.  You loved Nani in a way I didn’t even know was possible.  Well, a way I didn’t know was possible until I met Kelsey Rose…

Seeing the way you loved Nani changed the way I see the world.  As much as you two bickered, I remember the way you looked at her every single day.  It was this look that you were lost without her and that part I can understand.  I sit here some days and wonder, how did I ever survive before Kelsey Rose came along.  I recognize that look you had because I share it with you.  There are honestly days I wonder how God has anything left to give me after he blessed me with her because honestly, she saved me.  But I have to admit Papi, I have been taking advantage of that.

Sometimes the most important relationships in your life are the easiest to become complacent in.  It’s not easy to say, but I haven’t given Kelsey everything she deserves at times.  I find myself so caught up in my daily routine of work and school that I often forget how much she deserves.  I can replace school, I can replace work but I can’t replace her.  God only made one Kelsey Rose and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Sometimes we have to take a step back and remember that we are not perfect but what makes us great is the opportunity to get up and fix our mistakes.  You have always been my role model and always will be.  You taught me how to live and you taught me how to love and although sometimes I may make mistakes, I will never forget that.  For that, I owe you the world.

Thanks for the reminder Papi,

I love you beyond words…

– Timmy

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