What sets your soul on fire?

Take a moment and ask yourself; what is it in your life that you are beyond passionate about?  It’s not an easy question to answer, and if it is, you likely answered it wrong.  I am not talking about what makes you happy, like going to the gym, or your job, but I mean the true reason you wake up every day.  What is it that lights that fuse every morning for you to leave your legacy on this earth? For those of you like me who are still searching, welcome to the majority…

See, the difficult questions like this are what led me to become a soldier and that decision changed my life.  If it is your job that you are beyond passionate about, then why is it that you do the work you do?  What is your mission on this earth?  What path is it that you intend to take?  I promise there is a method to my madness here…

See, I found out the hard way in life, that despite my most valiant efforts to establish the most immaculate plan for my life, seldom does it unfold that way.  It’s like the moment you get all your ducks in a row, God says “Oh wait, little did you know….I have something different in store for you.”  I poured every ounce of my heart and soul into being the best soldier I could be thinking if I worked hard enough, nothing bad would happen. Better yet, I convinced myself that I earned a long career following my dream as a soldier, but once again I was wrong.

As devastated as I was when I opened that letter stating “you are no longer medically fit for duty”, something hit me.  It’s not about what you do and where you go in life that really matters, but rather, who you are when you get there.  If you spend every day with the sole purpose of chasing these material dreams and positions throughout life, there will most likely be a time where where life as you know it gets turned upside down.

I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t set those goals for yourself and decide what you want to accomplish, but try shifting your focus towards who you want to become instead of what you are.

I urge you to take the next few days and take a step back and answer the question “Why?”

Why are you doing what your doing?  What is your true purpose?  And who will be there with you every step of the way?

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