It’s not you…it’s me…

One of the most difficult aspects of life for me to embrace is the concept that we are not all meant to be the same in this world. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but it appears that so many people find themselves consumed in this idea that we must conform to some “societal norm.”  Even worse, our world has turned into a society of “you versus me” instead of “us versus the world.” It is terrifying in nature because you assume nothing you do will ever be enough compared to this “ideal human” or better yet, your neighbor.  The problem lies in the chase, because no matter how hard you try, chasing perfection is a losers game if you don’t recognize progress.  If only we took a moment each day to remember how far we have come, regardless of how far we still intend to go.  Without an understanding of how far you have come, it has become second nature to immediately compare ourselves to others around us in society.  We make it an unachievable objective to take a brief moment to realize how even the smallest accomplishments make us a greater person than we were yesterday.

Why is that? I did this for way too long.  Like may of you reading this, I set goals for myself; many of which are created with the sole purpose to make myself the best person I can be.  However, I was lost. It ate me alive that I would accomplish something that I should have been so proud of, but instead, I would spin in into a competition against my fellow man. Don’t get me wrong; Competition drives this world. Competition is what separates those who pour their heart and soul into everything they do versus those who accept living a mediocre lifestyle – but the true question lies in who it is that we truly need to be competing against. At this risk of sounding cliche, let me ask you something seemingly simple but complex.  How much more would you achieve if you stopped wasting your time competing with your neighbor, and began competing with the man/woman you saw in the mirror everyday? What if you didn’t worry about how much more someone else was doing in their life compared to you, and you focused instead on how much more you were doing today than you did yesterday? What if?

At the end of the day if it is a raise you are worried about, your strongest argument to your boss would be based on your personal accomplishments, not your neighbor’s.  If it is a relationship you want, you are the one who needs to go out and meet people. Not your neighbor.  It is a matter of spending the time God gives us on this earth in the best way possible. For those of you who are ambitious, it is just as important to recognize your accomplishments as it is to strive for your future.  Pour your heart and soul into everything you do and the world will open doors you never knew existed.  When those doors open, have an open heart.  Be proud of what you have accomplished and be proud of your neighbor at the same time.  Life is the ultimate team sport.  Life doesn’t need to be you versus me.  There are so many incredible people in this world.  Just imagine if people started to work together.  Just imagine if people started to build off of each other.  Just imagine if people began to challenge each other to rise to a higher level.



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