Thank you followers!

Thank you to all of my followers for your support in my journey to change the world through my book Reflections from the Man in the Mirror!  It is only the start to my journey and I couldn’t do it without all of you!

I have just received a shipment of 100 books that I will sign and ship myself as a great Christmas gift for you or your loved ones for a discount.  I will sign and ship the books to you or your loved ones with a personalized message!  This is a great opportunity to give your loved ones a book which I hope will make a lasting impact in their life.  We live in a very dark world these days, and with your help we can shine some much needed light in the world!

Pricing as shown below!

1 personalized book: $10.00 ea.

3 personalized book: $8.00 ea.

5 or more personalized books: $6.00 ea.

Contact me by phone or email to coordinate purchase! (216) 308-6237 or!


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