Life sucks sometimes…

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Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Not everyone is the same. People will always find something to criticize you about. The world may not always accept you for who you are. You will fail, it’s not a matter of IF you fail but when…
HOWEVER, plans can change and we live in a world where change is good. Sometimes we need our plan to be disrupted for us to find the path God meant for us to be on. Being different is what makes the world great. Being unique is why God gave you your own purpose in this world. Don’t change to appease other, be you for yourself and God and those who rely on you to be exactly who you are.  Criticism is just a way for people to try to break you and blind you of your purpose. If you can look in the mirror and be proud of what you see or where your heading than the only critisicm that matters is your own. Build yourself up and don’t ever let someone tear you down.  You don’t need the world to accept you for who you are, make your own place in this world and leave a legacy the world can’t survive without. Lastly failure is fuel to strong minds. Failure is the building block for success. Failure is Gods way of testing your resolve. Bend don’t break, and lean on those around you to get back up when your weak. Be the light the dark world desperately needs.  Failure fuels my fire.  You simply can’t stop someone who doesn’t quit…

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