The memories just keep rollin…

Dear Chris,

I miss you buddy.  The last couple of days have been pretty hectic for my family and I and once again when things get tough, God fills my mind with memories.  As tough as yesterday was, my father kept saying “We are so blessed” which I have heard him say my entire life…but lately it holds much more weight…

Like I talked about in the book, I never realized just how blessed I was until the day I met you that first day of boot camp.  Over four years later, you still keep me humble and keep my perspective on life in check.  No matter how difficult my life seems at times, it could always be worse and God has blessed me with some incredible people by my side along the way.  I thank you for that philosophy.  Yesterday I was having a tough night and I was praying the rosary at about 3 A.M. when I thought back to when my dad mailed you your first rosary in boot camp and how happy you were.  You and I had been sharing the red one Aunt Lulu gave me before I left, and I remember sitting with you every single night praying it together.  That rosary has been to 12 countries, woven between my fingers every night I fell asleep since the first night I left for basic.  Every single time I touch that rosary I think of you and the times we shared and last night it made the pain go away.

There are plenty of days that I find myself struggling but every single time the memories and your legacy saves the day.  I feel invincible knowing I have you as my guardian angel, and I know you are looking out for my family as I am yours.  I talk to your sister Crystal here and there and she misses you bud but I will help get her through. Life is the ultimate team sport, in both the good and bad times.  As tough as my life may seem I will drive on because I know you’re in my corner.  I will continue to fulfill your legacy and on the days I feel lost I will pray for guidance.  You can’t go through life alone, and I wouldn’t be the man I am without the people that helped build the man in the mirror.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss you bud.


  • Natale

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  1. TIm, you never cease to bring me perspective and to renew my faith. Your commitment is so inspiring.

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