Would have been 4 years today…

Dear Papi,

Time flies.  Four years ago today I hugged you goodbye and left for basic training.  Four years and it feels like yesterday.  I have to tell you, this is a hard day for me.  I really miss being a soldier.  I have never loved anything like I loved wearing that uniform, which is why I still wear my dog tags.  I had a rough morning this morning as well with my back.  I waited for the family to leave before I got out of bed because I knew it would be a tough day.  I like to think I have a good attitude in times of difficulty but I never thought anyone would tell me when I was done being a soldier besides myself.

Something clicked though, and that is why I am writing you this letter.  As I was getting frustrated this morning because I couldn’t put my socks on, I looked over and saw your picture on my dresser, with that beaming smile your famous for.  Chances are, that picture was taken when you were dealing with much more than I was this morning and put things in perspective and reminded me of a few things i’ve learned from my time with you…

  1.  Life doesn’t go according to our plans, it goes according to God’s plan.
  2. As difficult as life may seem at times, it could always be worse.
  3. Some days start off harder than others but thats what makes life great.  The ability to tell the difference and the ability to determine how those harder days end.

As tough as today is for me now that I no longer wear that uniform, that doesn’t change that I will always be a soldier.  I poured my heart and soul into everyday I wore that uniform and I am proud of that.  I will take the experiences I learned in the Army and bring them home with me as part of our families legacy.  In regards to my back…sure it sucks that some days I can’t put my socks on…but God still blessed me with socks.  Sure, some days I lay in bed a little longer if I am having a hard time getting up, but God blessed me with a bed.  Today was tough, but it could always have been tougher.  I miss the Army, and I miss you Papi…but both of you will be with me forever.

5 thoughts on “Would have been 4 years today…

  1. Well said, my hero.
    My grandma always says take time to appreciate the little things – because they aren’t little at all.

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