Dear Papi,


Dear Papi,

I just wanted you to know I made the Deans list today for my first semester back at college.  Years ago, I was coming up with excuses for why I was failing my classes and I remember you telling me “well tomorrow is another day.”  Sometimes the best advice you gave me were the most simple of words.  It took me a long time to realize that its never to late to change the direction of my life, and that you truly can’t go through life alone.  It’s hard to take accountability for our mistakes, but when we do…doors open that we never knew existed.  As proud as I was of my grades last semester, I couldn’t have done it alone.  It is so easy in life to pat ourselves on the back when we succeed, but we forget those who helped us get there.  Success really isn’t anything special without people to share it with.  I miss you Papi, and I promise I am taking good care of Nani.  We miss you, and I hope you had a good birthday.papi-and-his-queen

5 comments on “Dear Papi,”

  1. This was awesome! Having taken care of your papi I know he was a wonderful man who loved his family dearly! I’m sure you are making him proud!


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